Review: Good Time

So this movie is a car crash. I say this, not because it is a bad movie (Which it totally is not), but because once you start watching you can’t look away.  The dominating acting by lead actor Robert Pattinson makes you enthralled with every decision that his character makes on his journey down the rabbit hole of Good Time.  Couple that with masterful cinematography and all the work behind camera and you get something pretty cool.
Constantine “Connie” Nikas (Robert Pattinson) is trying to get his mentally-handicapped brother Nick (Ben Safdie) out of prison after a Bank robbery goes wrong. What happens in the process is an intense decent into mayhem as Connie tries to save both of them from prison or worse! 

Robert Pattinson shows off his acting skill in this film and though with previous films such as Cosmopolis, showing how he could play a starring role and The Rover, showing he can boost other actors bringing out the best in each other, Pattinson combines the two perfectly to dominate and control this movie. This film is like a spiderweb with Pattinson the centre of it making the entire film stronger with the best performance of his career.

     But if Pattinson is the center of the web then the Safdie brothers are the spider itself.  The camera work in this film is Phenomenal, from long angle shots to the intense close ups each camera placement keeps you right in the moment.  The film is excellently directed, as the placement of things such as people crossing in front of the camera, also objects decreasing visibility to give you the view of the characters themself. 

Overall I give this film a A-

This film keeps you on edge throughout the film, with twists and turns you won’t see coming. Pattinson best film yet and what a coming out party for the Safdie Bros. I think you will like this one!


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